Changing Times Call for Changing Posts!

Hi Everyone,

So I started the year wanting to read professionally and discuss within this format. THEN we got put on lock down. So that is stopping NOW (for the time being) and I am altering the nature of my posts.

crazy times

Two different types of blogs will be coming through this page. The first will be personal vignettes of life as we are all stuck together. I have a Senior in high school who is digging sleeping in and working in his pj’s, but ticked off he is missing his state Art competition and uncertain how AP exams will roll out. I have a second-grader with dyslexia and I am on the fast track to learn how to help him learn to read and write (while being a math-geek). So these types of blogs will be real-time and messy, ugly, funny truths.

The second type will be the math I am doing with my second grader around fractions (for now, but if we stay out FOREVER I will have to move on…sigh…I love fractions…). I will post our daily lessons and try and include pics and videos when applicable. If I used a worksheet or blackline masters, I will attach them at the end of each lesson. These will be lessons you can share with other teachers and parents if you so desire.

Though these blogs are now completely meant for me and my well-being, I hope you find some humor and help as needed in this crazy hot mess of a time.

Take care of yourselves!


Changing Times Call for Changing Posts!

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