What’s Your Teaching WHY?

This morning at the airport (At 5 fricking o’ clock! I need to fire my secretary for scheduling this flight. Oh wait. That’s me!) I was answering emails and a timid voice interrupted my thoughts.

Excuse me. Are you a teacher?

This always makes my heart happy. As a middle school teacher, you often believe the kids won’t think twice about you once they leave your room. Why would they, with all the distractions the world has to offer?!!

So when a former student not only remembers you from looong ago, AND takes the time to share her experiences and life journey with you, you tear up just a little. You remember that these precious moments are WHY you were born to be an educator.

My WHY is simple. I love seeing my peeps have the “click” in math. I love learning about these humans, with all their quirks and unique personalities. I love supporting them and inspiring them to do great things. I just love THEM.

What is your WHY? Ponder, remember, and remind yourself of this through the year.

Have a great 2019-2020! I KNOW it will be a year to remember! 💕

What’s Your Teaching WHY?

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