Fractions Day 6: The Return of Equivalent Fractions

Good morning! We needed more time with equivalent fractions and doubling/halving ideas before moving on to the family of thirds. Note: In two lessons, we will be making 3 more sets of colored fraction sets for our Fraction Kit. You will need 3 strips of equal size to the others in different colors.

There is no shame is repeating lessons. We do not master something in 15-20 min, and certainly not a new idea/concept. So this is going to sound a lot like Lesson 5. Trust me, it is helpful for later on!!! (And you really don’t have to prep anything new! BONUS!!!)

Trying to “Trick” his Mother!!! Commutative Property in Action!
  1. Play “Cover it Up!” twice. Please see Fractions Day 2 for how to play the game. We again focused on equivalence. How much more would I need to have the same amount as you? How much more would you need to be the same as me? How much more would we need to win? As always, I have Chris write his addition sentence once he covers the whole.
  2. We revisited the half and made equivalent fractions using only same-size pieces. See Fractions Day 4 for the lesson (the picture is above).
  3. Keeping with the half strip, I asked him to show 2 different ways to make a half without using ALLLLL of the same size pieces. I had to adapt and ask for 3 ways (As you will see why in the video above!). This was important to do, as it allowed him to really think about which pieces were equivalent and how to fill in the space to make half.
  4. My ink was out (and waiting for my Office Depot shipment!!!) so I hand wrote the fractions I wanted him to explore. See the picture below for the fractions and sequence we explored. This went much faster than I anticipated! I was especially excited to hear him stating things like, Well 2-eights is the same as 1-fourth or, If 2-sixteenths is an eighth then count by 2’s to get to 3-eighths. 2, 4, 6. So 6-sixtenths is the same as 3-eighths. I love making him tell me his thinking. It helps him learn how to explain and it helps me know what to do the next day!
Equivalent Fractions Work with Fraction Kit

Coming Next: Fractions and Cooking! We used the Visual Measuring Cups (I got mine on Amazon), but you can use whatever you have! We only used the 1-fourth measuring cup.

Fractions Day 6: The Return of Equivalent Fractions

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