2020 Posts: Taking it to the Next Level

I have been considering what my New Year’s Resolution should be for education for a few months now. I have been struggling with what my blog should be about and how to meet the needs of teachers, parents and others who just love education. However, this Teacher Quotequote came my way (Thanks, Cristy!) and made me do a 180 degree turn in my thinking about this blog, and really in my career.

This year will be not about others’ learning, but about our learning together. I will share the books I am reading about learning (some math-specific; some not) and my take-aways. I will not be receiving any monetary compensation at this time for these book referrals, but will share the names and authors for your consideration.

My hope is that I can use this space to think aloud about my current ideas and beliefs, question this current state with the new information at hand (which will be very scary to share out loud!), and hopefully provide a space for growth and new insights.

Hope you decide to tag along on my journey! ~Jen


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